It Just Ain't Right

Nov 29, 2012 -- 4:10pm

Am I the only person who feels sorry for Alex Smith? I mean, the guy spent almost half a decade playing for an abysmal 49ers team before finally leading them to an NFC Championship game, only to be replaced by a second-year player halfway through the season. To me, that just ain’t right.

Smith was initially benched for a concussion he suffered three weeks ago against St. Louis, an injury that he sustained while putting his body and mind into harm’s way to help his team win. Now, even after being cleared to play, he remains on the sidelines.

Don’t get me wrong, Colin Kaepernick has shown that he has the tools to be a great NFL quarterback. He has an above average arm and can get it done on the ground (3 passing TD’s and 4 rushing in 2.5 games). But do you really start him in place of a guy who has been the heart and soul of your team for so many years? When the 49ers were floundering, while Mike Singletary and Vernon Davis were going at it, Alex Smith remained.

Granted, it was in his contract, he had to be there. However, there was nothing stopping him from going to the press and complaining about how awful it was to play in San Fran. But he didn’t do that. Instead, Smith went about his business, trying his best to succeed amid San Francisco’s Offensive Coordinator Carousel.

I understand Jim Harbaugh’s reasoning in wanting to go with the “Hot Hand”, but Alex Smith hasn’t been able to prove himself lately because…he’s been hurt. And it’s not like the 49ers were in a slump when he was playing. The team was 6-2 and 1 in games started by Smith, and his 1,731 yards passing and 13 touchdowns produced a very respectable 104.1 passer rating. I’ll take those numbers over the ones Tony Romo’s putting up this year any day.

Bottom line, Alex Smith deserves to be the starter in San Francisco. He’s done so much for the franchise, and I hate to see someone else come in and reap the benefits after he’s spent so many years waiting for the 49ers to put the pieces together. It just isn’t right.

Besides, nobody wants to pay a quarterback $8,000,000 to wear a headset.  




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